Artificial Intelligence: Turing Test Project: Rubric Check


This activity provides you and a partner group time to provide one another critical feedback about the progress of your projects.

  1. Pair up with another group.
  2. Rate the components of your partner group’s written Turing Test protocol, Scratch program, and the documentation of their approach according to the Turing Test Project rubric. You may write this out or print the rubric and circle components on it.
  3. Review your partner group’s work and provide them with documentation that describes what you Like, what you Wonder, and what their Next Steps should be.
  4. When both you and your partner group have completed the previous steps, share your feedback with one another.

Listen to what your partner group says! You do not need to heed all of their advice, but consider it wisely. The whole idea is to have a critical third party provide ideas to make your project better before you submit the final version for a grade.