Innovative Technologies

As a way of further expanding upon the applications of computer science in the advancement of computational technologies, this unit aims to broaden your awareness of the computing tools you use and rely on every day and to encourage you to start thinking about the decisions and processes that go into the creation of these technologies.

You will begin by exploring many of the key roles that technology plays in your life, including social networking, online communication, search, commerce, and news and examining the ways these ever-evolving technologies have impacted individuals and societies in recent years. With so many of these technologies relying on the Internet to connect users and data across varied and remote locations, you will then “take a peek under the hood” to examine the systems and protocols that make up the global infrastructure of the Internet. Finally, you will turn your attention to the past, present, and future of computing to begin imagining the technology that might exist in your future and the role that you might play in bringing it about.