TEDxKinda Project: Identifying Outliers


Your challenge is to identify anomalies in data sets using Google’s Public Data Explorer. Explore a few data sets and attempt to identify anomalies within them. If you choose data sets other than those in Google’s collection, you will have to use one of the other Tools for Big Data Analysis, which may be more challenging.

These anomalies may distort descriptive data or may tell stories about unique situations. Alter all variables involved in the data sets to see if any single variable contains outliers. When you identify an outlier, take a screenshot of the complete data visualization that illustrates the outlier(s). Be sure to examine data sets that are related to your TEDxKinda topic, so that you can apply your work to your ultimate presentation.


Submit a document (e.g., .doc or .pdf) that includes the following items:

  1. A proper heading (including names, date, assignment, and title).
  2. Images of an outlier (see example below).
  3. An explanation of how you discovered the outlier.
  4. A hypothesis detailing what phenomenon the outlier represents.