My Data Rules

Control Your Data

You’ve learned about how your personal data is collected, extracted, stored, and analyzed, which has major implications for your privacy. Responsible digital citizens must be aware of data collection and make purposeful decisions weighing the potential costs and benefits associated with personal data use. In this assignment, you will make decisions about how you will control your data:

  • Will you provide data as often as possible to gain utility anywhere and everywhere?
  • Will you never give your data to anybody to try and maintain privacy?
  • Can you find a happy balance between privacy and utility? These are decisions that previous generations never had to consider, but you do.

Pledge to Use Your Data Responsibly!

Your job is to write a pledge called “My Data Rules” that outlines your plan to use or not use, and protect your personal data. You will write an expository essay in which you:

  • Identify examples of personal data that can be collected.
  • Identify strategies commonly used for collecting your personal data.
  • Make connections between data persistence and your plan to use or not use your data.
  • Weigh the costs and benefits of including your data in large-scale data sets.

This pledge is purposeful, and should act as a guide for your future decisions regarding data use and storage. Pledge to always be knowledgeable and careful with your information.


Criteria Points
Privacy and Utility
Summarizes and discusses the positive and negative implications of personal data storage on your privacy and utility 2 pts
Describes more than three potential costs and benefits of your personal data being part of large-scale data sets 3 pts
Data Collection
Describes at least three data collection strategies used to collect personal data 3 pts
Lists at least 10 examples of personal data that can be collected by others 5 pts
Rules for Data Usage
Explicitly describes rules that you will follow for allowing your data to be collected, stored, and analyzed 5 pts
Makes meaningful connections between privacy, utility, and your rules 3 pts
Key terminology
Uses key terminology appropriately and as necessary, including: data, data persistence, utility, and privacy 2 pts
TOTAL 23 pts