Your Filter Bubble

The Filter Bubble

Most Internet users are living in a bubble right now...a filter bubble. Eli Pariser is creator of the term filter bubble, and he’s given a fantastic TED talk explaining the concept of a filter bubble, and how the Internet is hiding important information from you by using your data to make your experience more personal. Watch and learn:

Experience the bubble for yourself:

  1. Complete a Google search for a term like religion, Obama, Israel, etc.
  2. Compare your search results with your neighbors’ results.
  3. Compare your search results with a search using the “bubble-free” Duck, Duck, Go search engine.

Break Free

You can escape your bubble if you try. Visit these three websites to learn more about how to become freer on the Internet. These resources may inform your thoughts on privacy and data collection:

  1. Learn more about how the filter bubble works from Don’t Bubble Us.
  2. Duck, Duck, Go is a search engine that does NOT bubble you.
  3. Read “Are we stuck in filter bubbles? Here are five potential paths out” by Jonathan Stray.