Big Data Collection

How and Why Is Data Collected

Computing and big data are seemingly everywhere in our digital world, but most of the time we are oblivious to how our data is being collected, and for what purpose it is being used.


Your task is to identify three or more ways that big data is being collected on a regular basis, including one data collection method for each of the following categories:

  1. Data collection being performed on the Internet.
  2. Digital data collection from a source other than the Internet.
  3. Analog (non-digital) data collection being performed in physical places.

For each of these data collection practices:

  • Describe how the data collection occurs.
  • Analyze the data collection process by answering the following five questions in complete sentences and to the best of your ability:
    • What data are being collected?
    • Why are these data being collected?
    • What are the likely benefits of this data collection?
    • How might this data collection cause harm?
    • How likely is it that these data can be accessed by others?

You may use the Internet or any other resources available to you to identify and analyze these data collection strategies.


Submit a text document with your description and analysis of the three big data collection strategies you identified.