TEDxKinda Project: Topics

Presentation Topics and Data Sets

Each TEDxKinda presentation must utilize a number of big data analysis techniques (e.g., visual analysis and crowdsourcing). Consider especially the following passage from the TEDxKinda Project Description and Rubric:

There is a variety of public data sets and tools that you will choose from in order to complete your presentation, but you will have to be creative, flexible, focused, and diligent to synthesize all the components into a composed, powerful presentation. Data sets will not be available on every topic, so you may first want to identify potential data sets before you narrow down your ideas to a topic or theme.

The sooner you can identify an appropriate topic with a relevant data set, the sooner you may begin and the more purposeful your exploration can be. Use these Big Data Sets to help jumpstart brainstorming, then continue the search on your own.


Your TEDxKinda group must post a one-to-two-sentence paragraph to a shared space provided to you by your teacher, with the following requirements:

  • Identify your group’s preliminary TEDxKinda presentation topic.
    • Include three or more data sets that will inform your group’s work.
  • Include links, titles, and descriptions.
  • State your group’s hypothesis for why the data sets and presentation topic may be related.

Of course, you may change topics or data sets at a later time if necessary, but this post describes where you will begin. After you post, read about the other topics groups will be presenting, and explore their data sets. Provide suggestions, share ideas, or ask questions of other groups.