Data Analysis

Statistical Analysis

  • You will analyze the tradeoff of utility and confidence in descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive data analysis.

  • You will investigate traditional statistical hypothesis testing and exploratory data analysis.

Data Mining

  • You will investigate the use of data mining in the discovery of patterns in large data sets.
  • You will apply association rule mining to discover knowledge in data sets.
  • You will articulate the effects of association rule mining on business and education.


  • You will visually perform cluster analysis, modeling the dynamics of groups.

Anomaly Detection

  • You will visually perform anomaly/outlier/change detection and discuss the impact on potential inferences drawn from the data.


  • You will synthesize a prediction through linear regression over known data.

Classification and Summarization

  • You will apply a classification protocol to a dataset and compare results with pre-defined categories.
  • You will evaluate the effects of automated summarization on the utility and validity of inference.