Creative Commons

Intellectual Property Rights

Now that the Internet is media rich (with digital images, audio, and video on almost every page), concerns about ownership of these digital properties increase.

For example:

  • “If I post a video to YouTube, do I still own it?”
  • “If I download an image from the Internet, can I use it in an advertisement for my Ebay store?”
  • “If I manipulate an image with multiple layers, is the new image all mine?”

For the most part, there are laws in place that protect intellectual property, including digital intellectual property. The most familiar set of guidelines used to understand the licensing of digital intellectual property is that of Creative Commons.

Watch the video below that outlines the most important concepts behind Creative Commons, and consider the appropriateness of each license in different contexts:

Which Creative Common License Is Right for You?

Complete the Choose a License webform and select a license that you would prefer to utilize with your own work. Next, write a one paragraph rationale for why that license would best meet your needs.