Ethics of Digital Manipulation


In this activity, your class will hold a debate in which one sides argues that “digital manipulation in the media” is essentially unethical while the other side argues that it is ethical or irrelevant.

  1. Your teacher will randomly assign students to be either proponents or opponents in the debate over the statement, “digital manipulation of media is never or rarely ethical.” Students must argue their assigned points of view regardless of whether they personally agree with them! This is important to ensure that the debate remains challenging and balanced.

  2. Watch the video “Everything is a Remix: Part One” (7:18) to learn more about re-mixing and re-mashing.

  3. Prepare a team argument for your assigned side in the debate. You will have five minutes to prepare. You should reference the following:

    • the video,
    • the Original or Manipulated exercise,
    • evidence from public record or personal experience, and
    • concepts covered in the course.
  4. Debate the ethics of digital manipulation in the media. Your team will debate according to the debate protocol of your teacher’s choosing. Your teacher will be the judge and decide which team puts forth the better argument.

Make sure you address the issues, not the other team!