Unintend’o Project: Programming


Your job today is to work on the actual Scratch program you will create for the Unintend’o Controller project. You may take a variety of approaches to make the program function and to make the controller/game fun to use and play! Remember, the Scratch program should:

  • Map each key press to a binary sequence. Note that interaction between the keys (e.g., , , , , A, and B) and the program is restricted to only this. In other words, the key presses should only be used to build the binary sequence.

  • Cause Fabio to act according to the binary sequence you have created. Note that Fabio does not directly reference the controller or keyboard events, but rather acts according to the value of the binary sequence.

  • Use loops for repetitive tasks.

  • Use conditionals for branching/decisions.

  • Work as specified in the technical specifications your group is creating.

For your reference, here is an example solution. Note that the example solution contains no combo moves, but simply captures the basic button presses.