Reselling Digital Music

Should It Be Illegal to Resell “Used” Digital Music?

Think about purchasing an item. When you are done with it, what are your options for disposing of it? You can throw it away, recycle it, give it away, store it, or sell it—depending on what it actually is. What if the item is a piece of recorded music? As of March 2013, it actually depends on how it is distributed. Today you will debate the legality of reselling used digital music.

  1. First, your teacher will assign you to either the for or against team.

  2. Next, read the following article, considering your team’s perspective: “Is It Illegal to Resell ‘Used’ Digital Music?”

  3. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) has been a benefit and a challenge in making copyrighted digital material widely available. Read this brief summary provided by the American Library Association, “DMCA: The Digital Millennium Copyright Act,” and apply it to your team’s argument.

  4. Then, write a reflection about the decision considering your team’s argument. Your teacher will ask your team to get together and allow you to brainstorm your arguments before the debate.

  5. Last, your team will debate according to the debate protocol of your teacher’s choosing. Your teacher will be the judge and decide which team puts forth the better argument.

Make sure you address the issues, not the other team!