The Amazing Binari

The Amazing Binari Transmutes Decimal to Binary!

Come one, come all, and witness the magic of the Amazing Binari (rhymes with Atari)! After years of study at the Citadel, Binari has returned to the West with an amazing power. The Amazing Binari can convert any decimal number into its binary representation! Wow! Don’t believe it? Test his abilities here.

How does he do that? No matter what he may claim, it’s not magic.

Your job is to deduce how to convert decimal numbers to their binary representations by observing the Amazing Binari at work. Give the Amazing Binari a number to transmute, and watch what he does. Notice any patterns? How would you describe his actions?

Write and submit your interpretation of his actions. In other words, describe how to convert decimal numbers to their binary representations, using the Amazing Binari as an example.