Unintend’o Game Controller


  • You will develop a Scratch program that acts as a device driver for a video game controller interface.
  • You will map each of six controls (UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, A, and B) to individual bits.
  • You will map each binary pattern of button presses to different game actions (e.g., walk forward, walk backward, turn left, turn right, jump, duck, whirl, leap, crawl, etc.).
  • You will use a list to track the history of button presses.

  • You will write detailed specifications and justifications for each button-to-action mapping of your design.

  • You will collaborate with your peers throughout the design and development process to determine end-user requests for features and to share feedback on design and implementation strategies.
  • You will write documentation detailing the use of your program and its features using appropriate terminology.