Quiz Show


In this assignment, you will create a Scratch program that simulates a quiz-style game show. Your program should execute at least the following actions:

  1. The host sprite should “walk” onto the stage, and introduce him/herself.
  2. The host then asks a series of three questions (of your choosing). Each question should have at least one correct answer.
  3. A user’s score should be kept. HINT: Create a variable score and increase it by one any time a correct answer is given.
  4. The host should give the score and conclude the “show” when the three questions have been asked/answered.
  5. Make your game unique, usable, and enjoyable.
  6. Personalize it in at least three other ways.
  7. Provide documentation for your program (describe what it does) as the Instructions. Be sure to describe how your program is original.

When you are satisfied with your work, submit a link to your program or the program itself. Your work will be reviewed by a peer, and in turn, you will review one of your peer’s projects. You should base your evaluation on the assignment rubric.


Criteria Points
Host enters stage (movement) and introduces him/herself. 1 pt
Three questions asked. 3 pts
Score is correctly kept for correct answers. 3 pts
Answers are indicated as RIGHT or WRONG by host. 1 pt
Host conclude show with score. 1 pt
Documentation, usability, and personalization 1 pt
TOTAL 10 pts