Option I: Draw a Picture


Create something (anything!) beautiful with the drawing tools in Scratch. For instance, the following image was created in Scratch:

The image above plays around with set pen color to [...] and set pen size to [...]. If you want to create more complex images, you probably want to use broadcast blocks to delegate the drawing of different parts of the image. For example, we used the following broadcast blocks for the image above:

Tip: Your images will draw more quickly if you use the hide tab to hide the character.


In this assignment, you will create a Scratch program that draws something beautiful. Your original program should:

  1. draw a beautiful picture,
  2. use loops to draw repeated patterns,
  3. use variables appropriately and as necessary,
  4. be usable, efficient, and effective, and
  5. include documentation (describe what it does) in the Instructions pane. Be sure to describe how your program is original.

When you are satisfied with your work, submit a link to your program or the program itself. Your work will be reviewed by a peer, and in turn, you will review one of your peers’ projects. You should base your evaluation on the assignment rubric.