Loops and Variables Mini-Project


To demonstrate your knowledge of loops and variables, you will choose among three different assignments. Select the one you feel is most appealing to you. Each incorporates the loops and variables, but in different contexts.

Option I Option II Option III
Draw a Picture Electronic Keyboard Countdown
You will program Scratch pen blocks to draw a picture. A successful solution will incorporate loops to handle repeated patterns. You will program a virtual electronic keyboard that plays notes with computer keyboard presses. Loops can be incorporated to add functionality (e.g., for drum patterns, tempo changes). You will program a digital countdown timer that simulates the function of a stopwatch. Loops will be utilized for timed countdown functionality.
NOTE: This option is the most challenging.


Criteria Ratings Points
Variables Program uses both pre-defined and user-defined variables appropriately. 3 pts
Program uses variables inappropriately or is missing user-defined variables. 2
Program uses only pre-defined variables inappropriately. 1
Conditionals Program uses conditional statements to simulate decisions and “branching.” 3 pts
Program uses conditionals with logical flaws, such as branches that are never taken or improper nesting. However, the program functionality works mostly as intended. 2
Program uses conditionals improperly, such that the program does not work as intended. 1
Aesthetics Program output is aesthetically pleasing and correct. 2 pts
Program works as intended, but contains a few flaws (visual or aural). 1
Creativity Program is creative. 2 pts
Program is minimal, contains only core requirements. 1
TOTAL 10 pts