Repeat After Me

Hey Jude

Take a moment to refer to the flowchart outlining the lyrics of Hey Jude by The Beatles.

A less concise, more precise chart of the lyrics might list each and every time “Na” is sung. An even more precise representation would include the timing, pitch, and tempo, like a piece of sheet music might illustrate.

However, even the precise notation that musicians rely on allows for shortcuts to indicate repetition. The colon symbol below indicates a phrase that is to be repeated once:


Answer the following questions about representing repetition algorithmically with programming.

1) In order for a repetition to be reproduced unambiguously, what three attributes are needed to convey the proper instructions?


2) How are these three attributes conveyed in the music notation above? How are they conveyed in the Scratch repeat block?


3) Find and record a set of instructions containing a repetition clause (e.g., instructions on a shampoo bottle, a recipe, etc.). How are these attributes conveyed there? If any are missing, how would the reader infer them?