Dancing Like a Programmer

Choreographers are programmers, too!

A choreographer creates dance routines. These routines must be captured in some form of notation so that dancers may synchronize with one another and maintain the same experience across multiple performances and venues.

Below are examples of two types of dance notation:

  1. Informal Footprints
  1. A formal notationLabanotation
Rudolf Laban Labanotation

Laban Lab—Interactive Labanotation Tutorials


  1. Research different types of dance notation online.
  2. Choose one, and use the dance notation to choreograph and document a simple dance.
  3. Record the choreography using the notation on a piece of paper.
  4. On the back of the paper, write a reflection of the process including the following:
    1. a description of your dance in simple English,
    2. which notation system you used and why, and
    3. how this notation system is both like and unlike Scratch.

Your classmates will try to replicate your dance based on your notation! Good luck.