Remixing Scratch Projects


Scratch is available free of charge and runs in your web browser. Additionally, the Scratch site contains forums, tutorial videos, and a variety of helpful resources. You should spend some time exploring the site, and these resources. For this activity, you will explore other users’ Scratch programs and remix one to make it your own.

A Scratch account allows you to access many useful features, including the ability to share, discuss, and modify other users’ projects in a collaborative manner. Using the Explore tab in the main menu bar, you can search for and select from a wide variety of projects that other users have created. Not only can you click “See inside” to get a look at how the project works and how it was created, but you can also choose to “Remix” the project to create your own copy of the project and begin modifying it in whatever creative ways you can imagine.

The Scratch developers feel that sharing, reading, and writing code are all important aspects in the learning process. Therefore, any Scratch program shared on the site is licensed under the Creative Commons Share Alike license and may be copied by any other user and used as the basis of a new, derivative work.

In this activity, you will browse projects on the Scratch site, select one that interests you, and remix it in some way.

  1. Navigate to the Scratch website, and log in to your Scratch account.
  2. Choose the Explore tab on the menu bar of the Scratch front page.
  3. Find a project that interests you. When selecting a project, try to imagine how you would like to modify it.
  4. Click the button labeled “See inside.”
  5. Click the button in the top right corner labeled “Remix.”
  6. You now have a project copy of your own to freely modify. Any changes made by you will only affect your copy! Some projects have many, many versions that have been modified from an original. In order to see how a project has evolved and diversified over time, click the “Remix Tree” button on the project’s page.
  7. In a shared space provided to you by your teacher, post links to both the original project and your remix, as well as a description of the changes you made. Explore your classmates’ remixes!