Animated Movie


In this activity, you will make an animated movie using Scratch. The topic of the short film may be anything appropriate, but be wise about how to allot your time (e.g., don’t focus too much on any one aspect while neglecting others).

To receive full credit, your movie should have at least:

  1. Two motion blocks.
  2. Two different characters (AKA sprites).
  3. Four total broadcasts so that the characters interact with one another.
  4. Two different sounds.

Be creative! Create characters, tell a story, and experiment with moving sprites around the stage. Program your own movie.

When you have finished, post a link to your Animated Movie in the shared space provided to you by your teacher.


Criteria Points
The program contains two motion blocks. 2 pts
The program contains two different sprites. 2 pts
The program includes four broadcasts between sprites. 4 pts
The program produces two sounds through play blocks. 2 pts
TOTAL 10 pts