Save Early and Often

Save Early and Often

Few things are more frustrating and disheartening than to see all of your hard work vanish in an instant due to a sudden power outage, random browser crash, or your neighbor accidentally kicking out the power cord under your desk. These unexpected events are always quick and seem to occur at the most inopportune moment—and sooner or later they happen to everybody, even you.

Fortunately, the impact of this inevitable disaster can be reduced by frequently saving your work. Just like making frequent use of save points in your favorite game, taking a moment to quickly record your progress can save you a lot of time and effort in trying to recreate it after a disaster.

In Scratch, you can save your projects by clicking “Save now” in the “File” menu. While you do not need to save your work after every little change, you should develop the habit of regularly clicking on “Save now” whenever you’ve made any significant additions to your program and would like to test it.

Exporting and Importing Sprites

Not only can you save your Scratch projects, but you can also save individual sprites and their associated scripts separately. This will allow you to reuse a sprite in multiple projects without creating it from scratch (haha! you got pwned, er...I mean punned) each time.

To save (or export) a sprite, right-click on the sprite and select “save to local file.”

To load (or import) a sprite, click on the icon with a folder next to New sprite and select the sprite that you want to add to your project.