The Cat's Meow

Your Turn

Enough jibber jabber! Let’s do something! For your first program, make a quick song. Navigate to the Sound tab to access the following blocks:

To create a sound script, simply drag any of the play blocks to the script pane. Click on the block(s) in the script panel to execute them.

Take some time to figure out how to connect and disconnect blocks. Be sure to practice removing a piece from the middle of a long script and reconnecting the surrounding pieces.

One at a Time or in Unison?

With this brief introduction to the Scratch interface, we examine how sprites and blocks interact and affect one another.

For example, the play sound blocks allow us to control when sounds are played as well as how many are played.

Consider the difference between these two blocks:


The difference, of course, is the phrase “until done." Until done with what? Clicking on them individually does not provide enough information to distinguish between the two. So, test them in multiples:

  • If you execute this small script, how many meows do you hear?

  • How about the following revision—how many meows do you hear now?

  • Now, how would you articulate the difference between the two types of play sound blocks?


Describe the behaviors exhibited by the following combinations, and provide your answers in a text submission:

1) Two play sound [meow] blocks and then one play sound [meow] until done:


2) Two play sound [meow] until done blocks and then one play sound [meow]:


3) Given these results—what exactly does “until done” mean?