Create Performance Task

This unit serves to fulfill the Performance Task requirements of the AP Computer Science Principles exam. This externally moderated assessment will account for 40% of the student’s AP exam score. As such, the work produced in this unit should reflect the sole work of the student and be performed in-class with minimal involvement from the classroom teacher.

By this point in the course, all of the projects, exercises, and classroom discussions from the previous six units will have provided students with extensive, hands-on experience with the exploration, use, and creation of computational artifacts in a variety of contexts. In this unit, students will draw upon those collective skills to demonstrate mastery of essential course concepts by completing the Explore and Create Performance Tasks that make up the AP through-course assessment.

For the Create—Applications from Ideas Performance Task, students will demonstrate their ability to design and develop a functional program for solving a problem and/or self-expression. For the official assessment overview and student directions outlined by College Board, visit AP CSP Student Task Directions.